There a number of stewardship opportunities that will support the mission of the church

Giving time to support programs and facility maintenance

There are a wide range of programs that meet the needs of our congregation–youth education, choir, Family Promise, prayer shawl and other programs delight in the addition of support. Trustees continue to make needed repairs and conduct ongoing maintenance, some of which is as simple as cleaning off the windowsills–even kids can help with some of the tasks.

Giving through monetary support

General Offering is collected each Sunday during worship services, but can also be automatically given each month through our online giving portal found at this link.

Special offering is collected for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Week of Compassion and are noted in the worship service bulletins.

Estate Gifts are treated with care when received by the church. Those that are undesignated by an estate are held for one fiscal quarter, and then placed into a separate savings account that requires church board approval for use. These funds are treated with the respect to honor the memory of those that have provided them to support the church.

The First Christian Church of Torrance’s Endowment Fund is a permanent funding source that only grows with additional donations, typically given in memory or in honor of someone.