Since our Endowment Fund was first established, it has experienced steady growth through adverse economic times. It has done so through generous giving, faithful management and by the hand of God. And, we have used the dividends it has produced to make our church organization stronger, to maintain our beautiful facility and to reach out and touch individual lives. Robert Kapen is the grandson of a long time member of this Church Family. He is a very brave young man who, through an uncommon virus, has been virtually paralyzed. He has maintained his will to fight this virus through his faith in God but needs continuous physical therapy as well. Through the loving heart of one of our church members a request for help was made for our assistance and we were able to respond with help from our Endowment Fund by contributing towards his physical therapy.

His battle is far from over and there are many others struggling on their own with seemingly no hope or no means to fight back. But through our faith and through our Endowment Fund, we can make a difference.

Please take the time to pray for our Endowment Fund and all the lives it can touch in this world. If your prayers lead you to someone or some worthy cause and you are a member of our Church Family, please consider submitting a request for funds. A request form for funds can be picked up in the Church Office but it must be received by 5/31 to be considered. Or, if you would like to help with the growth of this fund, there are several ways to do so. A donation of any amount can be made at any time by simply my making out a check to our Church and indicating clearly it is for the Endowment Fund. Or, you can remember our fund in your financial planning via your Will or Trust.

Please remember, our Endowment Fund is designed to grow and to be perpetual. So the contributions that we make today will touch the lives of many generations yet to come.

To learn more about giving to the Endowment Fund please visit the Endowment Fund Detail page here.