With the current economy finding a job is not easy. To help those looking for a job within our congregation, the members of our church banded together to pool their resources, experience, and knowledge.

We offer the following assistance:
  • Resume review – is your resume old and outdated or just not getting your best image across? We will review your resume and offer suggestions to tweak it and improve it.
  • Cover Letters – make a good impression with your cover letter is the first step. Like your resume, we’ll review your cover letter and offer suggestions to help you put your best self forward.
  • Mock Interviews – sometimes you are not aware of how you come across during the interview. We give you practice interviews that help us determine what you might be doing to distract the interviewer or make yourself not quite the perfect fit for the company.
  • Job leads – can sometimes give you job leads you might not have gotten otherwise. Through collaboration with our members, job boards they belong to, or job openings at their workplaces – our members may be able to point you in a direction that’s right for you.
  • Prayer support – our church offers regular prayer for those searching for jobs.

Please keep in mind, there are no guarantees that you will find a job with our assistance but it can’t hurt and you do get good advice from our church members (some of whom are or have been VPs of Human Resources of hiring managers).

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